So who are we? Well, if it wasn’t clear on the first page, then we are the Boston University Music Business Club. We combine both worlds of music and business together in order for aspiring entrepreneurs of the music world to get a taste of what it is like to manage and coordinate an artist and his or her talent.

This organization was founded by several BU business students of varying grades, who have a passion for music and wanted to be a part of the promotional and managing process of the industry. With that in mind, we decided to formulate a community of our own within the university for all students with a similar passion to come together and help each other learn and develop their skills in this field.

So far, we have been successful in reaching out to local artists in the area and developing our own brand and voice on and off campus. We are proud and excited for the past events and accomplishments we have made and for what is to come.

Music is what brings people together, whether you’re the artist, the fan, the marketer, the manager, the photographer and more. Music is a sanctuary for people to escape and just enjoy the sounds with people who share a similar interest. This is why we love music and why we choose to be a part of sharing it to everyone.

MBC, a collaboration between music and business.